African drumming workshops Australia

RhythmConnect runs African drumming workshops Australia wide.

African Drumming is a great medium for community-building & communication. Rhythm is all around us and within us – our life revolves around many rhythmic cycles from our day to day practices to our breath and the beating of our heart, therefore African drumming is a great activity for team-building, bonding, health & wellbeing.

Drumming Up Community

RhythmConnect brings communities together in a joint joyful effort. We facilitate workshops in African drumming, Brazilian drumming ( Samba ), percussion, dancing and ritual that lead up to a community based performance or vibrant parade, where the members of the community become the musicians and entertainers, drummers and dancers.

Ideal for festivals and gatherings, lots of fun for the participants while high lighting the value of everyone’s contributions in create something extraordinary for their community.

In Africa there is no separation between drumming, dancing and singing and all are used for healing and to bring community together.

If African drumming is your passion & you want to learn more, come and connect with the ancient language of rhythm, share in the strength, harmony and universal power of the drum… A great way to communicate, release stress and have fun.

RhythmConnect workshops generally run as 6-8 week courses one day a week. In this time you will learn traditional African drumming for djembe and dun dun plus songs and chants that accompany the rhythms, as well as technique, body percussion, warm up exercises and the art of jamming.

If you don’t have your own drum you can use ours or buy one of our amazing handmade traditional African Djembes. Check out our drum shop page.