African Drumming Teacher Training

Drumming Teacher Training for School 

Prepare for a series of lessons that will challenge, excite and empower you, develop a musical and cultural understanding of rhythm. Over the course of structured sessions we’ll explore fundamentals in African drumming and Samba techniques plus we’ll show you how to use all the other percussion

instruments that make up the Drumming Ensemble. We will work towards a fully arranged drumming and percussion piece you can teach in your own classroom.

Learn how to facilitate rhythm song/games and activities for multiple groups, using drums, percussion, voice, and movement. No previous drumming or drum circle facilitation experience required. Our Rhythm Connect facilitators can come to your school and teach you at a time that best suits you as well.

These courses will give teachers the confidence, knowledge skills and personal qualities required to conduct a successful and rewarding drum circle plus with practical hands on experience teachers will develop the correct technique to pass on to students.

Outcomes and Benefits:

  • As a community drum circle facilitator you can help bring your students together in a fun and positive way.
  • Break down barriers and build peer relationships
  • Promote a sense of belonging and wellbeing
  • Develop leadership, communication and listening skills

On completion of the drumming course you will find yourself equipped to take on the powerful rhythms of Africa and Brazil with confidence and style.