School African Drumming Workshops

Rhythm Connect aim in schools through African drumming and dance is to create a fun and dynamic learning environment where all participants will feel successful.

Rhythm Connect provides African Drumming, Samba and percussion, workshops to schools and other educational institutes. These workshops create excitement, encourage team work and provide a sense of achievement at the same time introducing Students of all ages and Teachers to African drumming and culture.

African Drumming – Workshops/Courses

Rhythm Connect African Drumming and Samba Workshops are fun, entertaining, and full of cultural energy.  We always start with a quick performance and warm up at the beginning of each session and talk about the history and culture of the music. We also like to allow time for a few questions at the end.

Combined drumming & percussion workshop description

We begin with a short dynamic African drumming performance, this is inspiring for students a great way to start. Then we introduction the drums and instruments and talk their cultural significance 

Preliminary rhythm work to warm up, such as clapping /body percussion etc (a good ice breaker).

We then teach different drum patterns and percussion instrument parts to the group, once the students have an understanding of these individual patterns and can play them confidently we divide the group up into 4 to 6 teams and have each team play one of these patterns.

Once the rhythm is established and the drums and percussion instrument patterns are being played together as a whole, we will then introduce call and response using various drum signals and breaks. This part of the workshop is exhilarating and lots of fun.

We can also introduce a dance component into the workshop if desired. We have professional African dance facilitators that will lead some of the group through simple dance moves while the rest of the group continues to plays the music. This is a high-light and a great activity for all involved

Students will learn:

  • The art of working together as a team
  • Basic techniques for drums and percussion instruments
  • Drum rhythms and traditional songs
  • Elements of history, global community and multi-cultural awareness
  • Developing a performance piece that will be showcased at  school concert/assembly at the end of the program


  • Energizes the individual and group
  • Exercises positive communication skills
  • Promotes leadership
  • Enhances focus
  • Activates playful stress reduction
  • Shows that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Breaks down culture, gender and age barriers
  • Motivates and directs creative energy to a common goal

This African drumming experience, helps boost enthusiasm and positive morale, and encourages students to feel good about themselves by creating an atmosphere of fun, success, and being part of something special.

Whether the purpose of your program is educational, inspirational or community building, using the Rhythm Connect drumming, dancing and rhythm programs will stimulate students imagination and love of learning.