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RhythmConnect Team

Chinta Reiss

Chinta is a dynamic group facilitator, teacher and performing artist, with over 20 years experience in these fields. Chinta inspires greatness in his students and work shop participants. With his enthusiastic friendly style Chinta has a proven ability to work successfully with any size group creating an uplifting rhythm charged experience.  Chinta has dedicated his life to sharing his rich knowledge of drum music, ritual and ceremony to create community.

Yacou M’baye

Yacou is a master of the Sabar and talking drum and an accomplished dancer. He is an enthusiastic, vibrant performer and facilitator who delivers an amazing culture experience in his workshops.
Career Highlights include: Senegalese dance troupe Gaaghi won the National Oscar de Vacance Dance Competition in 2006 & 2007.

Lamine Sonko

Lamine is an exceptionally talented dancer & musician. born in Senegal West Africa to a griot family. His father, Bouly Sonko, is presently the director for “Le ballet national Du Senegal”. His mother was the first solo dancer for the ballet & for “doudou N’diaye Rose’. Lamine began performing when he was 10 yrs old. he soon featured as a solo dancer, percussionist & singer in different well known local groups in Senegal. He & his family are highly respected artist & griots in Africa & internationally. Lamine shares his gifts as a master dancer, musician and facilitator.

Pape M’baye

Pape M’baye is also a Griot. he was the head-drummer for 25 years of his fishing village Yoff in Senegal West Africa. He is a highly skilled percussionist & has mastered many African drums – the djembe, the sabar, the tama (talking drum) & the bougarabou. He performed in the National Orchestra of Senegal. As a teacher he is joyful and exuberant creating a fun & relaxed atmosphere to experience the richness of Senagalese culture. Pape has led and choreographed numerous African drum and dance troupes – his latest, African Children, toured Europe.

Eka Darville

Eka Darville is a professional actor and gifted performing artist. He is a dynamic group facilitator and teacher. Eka has been dancing since he was old enough to walk and drumming even earlier. He is currently working on a degree in music and dance. RhythmConnect is proud to welcome Eka as part or our team

Fode Mane

Fode is an inspirational & passionate teacher & performer of West African drum & dance. He is a professional dancer & drummer from Senegal & was formerly a lead dancer & choreographer with the award-winning performing arts troupe, Bakalama, based in Dakar. He has over 15 years experience performing with the troupe & has toured extensively in Europe. Hs has a repertoire of Senegalese & Guinean traditions of dance & rhythms. Fode is renowned for his energetic, dynamic & graceful style.


Aku grew up with dancing as an integral part of her life, she was discovered by the renowned Ghanaian National Theatre ‘Dance Factory’. Aku has twice toured Germany with Dance Factory and also toured West Africa, performing to audiences in Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, and finally at the popular Dakar Festival in Senegal. She has also been a member of the National Theatre’s traditional group ‘ The Ghanaian Dance Ensemble’ based in Accra. She possesses a unique mix of raw power and astonishing versatility which incorporates traditional and contemporary Ghanaian dance Ballet, free style hip hop and breakdance, Aku is an exceptional dancer and teacher.

Afro Moses

Moses has been twice voted as Ghanas best international music ambassador in 2000 and 2002. He was also involved in the performance and composition of music that featured on the film Inja that was a nominee in the 2003 Oscar Awards. Afro Moses is a master singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and passionate teacher of African music.

Valanga Koza 

South African born & bred Valanga grew up singing & playing music. The Voice is the oldest instrument in the world & Valanga makes extensive use of it: singing, rapping & making incredible music. He teaches vocal percussion, singing & sharing his wonderful gifts of storytelling with music. Valanga is a gifted teacher & performer in multicultural music. He has supported Lucky Dube, Geoffrey Oryema & performed with Ladysmith Black Mombassa. In Australia he plays with Zebra Crossing.

Memy Dine

Meny has been performing and teaching as a professional dancer since 2000, when she joined the Mozambique National Dance Company, touring Canada & throughout the USA. Memys’ talent has captured the eyes of Mozambican & international audiences alike. She has worked with exceptional choreographers including, Francisco Camacho, Amelia Bentes & Franci Franco. She brings new & exciting choreographic ideas to African dance. Memy is an exceptional teacher and workshop facilitator.